Session 2

Crypt of the Everflame

Friday January, 9 2015 19:00 EST

The party stepped into the treacherous crypt and were immediately assaulted by skeletons. After crushing them, they found themselves in a room with a fountain depicting a crying maiden with a fallen Drexyl. Moving through this room they triggered trapped statues that swung swords on all those who had entered the hall.

Thinking better of trying to get through the blades, they investigated the other room connected to the entrance and found a puzzle requiring them to simultaneously activate three switches to open a door. Only three managed to get through and they discovered a giant beetle who attacked immediately. After cutting down the creature, they discovered a room with a wooden golem wielding two massive shields. This room connected to the trapped hall. The party reunited, but were attacked by the previously inanimate golem and many fell unconscious.



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