Flint Lightfoot

Dual Cursed Flame Oracle of Belias and Lera


Name: Flint Lightfoot
Appearance: 3’4", 36lbs, with Light Brown hair with some red streaks in it, Light Blue eyes that have striking fiery red dots in them, tan skin, average halfling features
Pronunciation: /flint/
Name Origin: nickname he got because of the circumstance of his birth where soon after his birth there was a fire amongst the halfling caravans and somehow he was the only one saved since his parents ran him out and left him in the woods nearby before going back and fighting the fire where they lost their lives. Luckily he was found by a passing by human hunter who brought him back to an orphanage and have him a stereotypical halfling last name with a first name fitting of the situation he was found in.
Other Names: Flint Aldheim
Alternate Forms: Hair and eyes turn fully fiery red when in combat or danger


Infancy: (Age 0-3)

Region: Dukom, Celeia

The circumstances Flint was born into were not that of the average halfling. During is birth the travelling caravan of the halfling clan his mother and father belonged to caught fire. His mother had to be carried out away from the caravan a small distance away into a nearby clearing in the woods during child birth to avoid being engulfed by the flames while his father stayed and attempted to extinguish the flames. His mother died as a result of childbirth and his father perished due to smoke inhalation while trying to save the caravans. The fire was so fierce that most of the clan died trying to put out the flames and the few survivors fled far away. A local human hunter saw the smoke from the large fire off in the distance and decided to investigate. Luckily for Flint the hunter arrived in time to find him alive and bring him back to the nearest city: Celeia. The hunter went to a local orphanage named Brighter Days and then asked if the child had a name the hunter named him Flint for the circumstance of his birth and gave him what he believed to be a generic halfling surname, Lightfoot. Little did he know how apt that name truly was as Flint was given the gift to manipulate flames by Belias. That was not the only gift that Flint received as a result of his birth, he was also given the ability to have some control over the fortune of himself and those around him by Lera.

For the first years Flint spent in the orphanage he seemed like a fairly normal child although he was the only halfling in Brighter Days. However, after awhile the caretakers started to notice some oddities occur whenever Flint was around. One minute Flint would be playing with some toys or interacting with something else, and the next minute that toy or object would be moved somewhere unreachable by the child and he would start crying. The caretakers also noticed that while Flint’s friends were around if they were about to fall or hurt themselves they would suddenly recover and not get injured at all. Everything else seemed completely normal about the child, he was just an outgoing halfling baby that seemed to attract odd events. His first words were not a language that could be understood by any of the caretakers.

Childhood: (Age 4-12)

Region: Dukom, Celeia

The rest of Flint’s time at the orphanage passed pretty normally except for the oddities that seemed to follow him around as well as one more that developed a bit later where candles in his area would seem to light themselves whenever it got dark. Flint would also often cry in his sleep due to nightmares of the events at the caravans that would replay over and over in his mind. Flint was well liked by the others in the orphanage getting along with the other children despite being a bit different than them with natural fiery red streaks in his otherwise light brown hair and bright fiery red spots in his eyes despite the majority being light blue.

Adolescence: (Age 13-19)

Region: Dukom, Celeia

Halflings tend to age a bit faster and have much less physical development than humans and as such Flint reached the tallest he would get at the age of 14. At that time one of the local lords was looking for some servants and labourers that could be hired for his manor and he stopped by the orphanage to see if he could give any of the teenagers there jobs. The man sent by the lord hired a few of the boys and girls from the orphanage and upon seeing Flint there saw an opportunity to get and train a halfling bard/jester for the lord’s court. Flint was brought with the rest of the people from the orphanage to the Aldheim manor to train under their bard. The Aldheim manor was always filled with clerics, preists, and the like because it was said that one of Lord Aldheim’s children was of celestial descent. One day while training, Flint’s teacher noticed some of the oddities that followed flint around. Sometimes the balls for juggling would move or when practising juggling and one of the balls was sure to fall it wouldn’t and by some stroke of luck would land properly in Flint’s hand. The bard noticed these things enough to know that something magical was going on here and reported the incident to a cleric. The cleric determined that Flint was indeed born with some kind of divine ability and reported this to Lord Aldheim. Lord Aldheim was very pleased to hear this news as one of his own children was born with innate abilities and now some orphan they happened to find also had some innate divine ability as well. Taking this news as a sign Lord Aldheim declared that Flint would now become an official part of his family becoming Flint Aldheim. Flint accepted the title because he knew nothing of nobility and being an orphan all his life he figured he had finally hit a stroke of luck.

Flint studied with all the best clerics and mages Lord Aldheim could find alongside his now sister Lana who he learned was indeed of some sort of celestial descent. Under the careful guidance of these advisors Flint learned how to control his powers over fire and luck and grew a deep fascination with the workings of magical items in how they work and how to use them. It was also hear that Flint discovered he had some sort of mastery over language first quickly learning Halfling, then Gnome and Elven faster than the mages had ever seen before. Flint was also forced to train under master fighters alongside his new sister but carried little strength due to his race and was just slightly above average in the ability to dodge blows and use finesse in battle. Being informed his struggles Lord Aldheim ordered a custom built suit of armor and shield made from the finest mithral for Flint to protect himself should he ever leave the manor to hunt evil alongside Lana. It took Flint a long time to get accustomed to wearing the suit but over the years it became like a second skin for the young halfling.

As he spent longer in the Aldheim household he started to notice some disturbing trends. Although all the servants in the house all were
lawfully hired and free to leave whenever they wanted they still were treated poorly in Flint’s eyes. He was particularly shocked in the way
Lana treated the servants saying that she despised slavery but still treated her servants as though they were slaves ordering them to do
every little thing for her. This behaviours became much more exaggerated if another local lord was visiting the manor because their servants
may actually be slaves and they would treat the Aldheim’s servants as such. During one particular visit Flint heard some screaming coming
from one of the servants quarters and found the visiting Lord beating and assaulting one of the female servants. Flint was infuriated and used
his powers to kill the Lord. He told the servant that they both must leave now or else they will both be put to death under the strict laws followed
by the Aldheims so he collected his belongings and fled as far away from Celeia as possible dropping the servant off in a nearby city.

Adulthood: (Age 20-54)

Region: Kauldur

Flint became a wanderer and retook the name Lightfoot travelling from town to town doing good deeds for the downtrodden and bringing them good luck when he could. He continued travelling until he decided to settle down for a bit working for a jeweller in a small town in Kauldur. There he performed small menial tasks for the old man and spoke to the customers helping them as well do anything they needed done. The gold Flint made while working at the store went mostly to buying food and other necessities for the poor and his free time was also spent doing good deeds for them as well as Flint had decided to pledge his life to helping the downtrodden in any way he could as he knew what it was like to be in that position and had seen the horrors cause by the imbalance between the poor and nobility.

Flint spent about a year in this small town developing a great reputation among the citizens and even the guards as he was able to resolve conflicts between people without them needing to step in. After building a rapport with the guards Flint warned them that the Aldheim’s may come looking for him after some time because he had escaped from their manor. Flint told them to warn him if they came into the city asking for someone of his description, telling them to tell him first so he could escape. One day it came to just that and a guard came into the jeweller’s store warning Flint that some people had arrived looking for a halfling with red streaks in his hair and red spots in his eyes. It was at this time that Flint fled into the forest to escape the Aldheims for some time when he stumbled across something he did not expect to find.

Flint wandered around the forest for what seemed like days and knew nothing of how to survive in such a place he thought he would surely die. It was at his lowest moment when Flint saw what he thought was a fox in the woods something he had not seen while he was out here so he was not sure whether this was a hallucination or reality. This fox seemed different and somehow familiar to Flint as though it had always been with him. When he looked the fox in the eyes he heard one word in his head, “endure”, and the fox turned around as if to guide Flint somewhere. Flint followed behind the fox keeping his distance until he could see a camp in the distance when Flint looked down the Fox had vanished. He approached the camp and the guard said they had been expecting him and had heard of his deeds helping the poor in the surrounding area. The camp was filled with an odd mixture of races which was very odd for this region. Flint was introduced to an Elven priestess who introduced herself as a priestess of Lera. This priestess took and immediate interest in Flint and said he was luckier than most Lera has been watching over him his entire life. The enclave took Flint in recognizing his ability as an oracle of Belias and Lera to be able to assist the camp in many ways. It was here that flint learned about the Goddess Lera from the priestess and how to perform her rituals. Flint was also immediately teamed up with a ranger named John to back him up on trips to find resources for the camp. If there was sneaking to be done John would go ahead with Flint staying behind keeping lookout for anything that may be going wrong or to talk his way out of any bad situation that may have happened. If the talking didn’t get them out he was also prepared to fight alongside John to protect themselves.


Flint Lightfoot

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