Cursed Orc Barbarian From the Savage Lands of Tyrgon


7 foot tall half orc. barbarian

Orphaned by his mother who was raped by an orc over the mountains he was adopted by humans who saw the potential monster that he could become and aid in their war efforts. He eventually left and went west having been badly treated in the tribe he grew up in. He would never really trust humans again. He was thrown into jail due to having killed a man who had been making fun of him.

While traveling with the group he had escaped the jail with the group fought a monk and Goliath took an amulet off his body. When Goliath was knocked unconscious by a group of ogres he was cursed. He became an undead warrior. He continued to travel with the group. His mind seemed to be fairly uneffected. However, when he was knocked unconscious again he lost his mind and ran west from the group and was not seen again.


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