Jovad Pebblebender

Dwarf Desert Druid



Grew up underground son of King/Lord

Jovad grew up as a son of King Pebblebender of the Kingdom of Naemar under the human occupied region known as Sanphir. The kingdom was fairly typical for a dwarf
kingdom focused mostly on mining gems, stone, iron, etc. and creating goods to sell in order to keep the system running. The kingdom was divided into sections each
belonging to seperate houses which were in charge of managing their own mining and crafting operations with monthly taxes to be paid to King Pebblebender.
Being the son of a king, Jovad was grew up well-versed in all these normal dwarven traditions. He knew how to mine for ore, the basics of fighting, the political system
of the Kingdom and the like. He learned these things from the ages of 1-22. This knowledge did not satisfy Jovad however, he grew tired of stone and metal and wanting
to know more he asked his father to seek out a teacher from the surface to gain more knowledge and wisdom about the world he lived in.

So King Pebblebender begrudgingly obliged Jovad’s request and managed to find an elven wizard from the surface to teach his son about the surface world, magic, history,
and nature. So Jovad met Tessera who taught him about the ways and mysteries of the surface world. She taught him of the great Kingdoms and wars and the cultures of
the people. Jovad was also taught about the different types of magics that exist in the world, the wizards, sorcerers, clerics, and druids. She also taught him about
the forests, deserts, cities, and plains of the surface and some of the creatures that existed in those areas. These were the lessons that most interested Jovad.
Over the span of 20 years Tessera taught Jovad all that she could and the two grew to become close friends and came to trust one another. At the end of this period in
Jovad’s life he grew more and more dissinterested in the affairs of dwarves and wanted to leave to the surface and experience it himself but knew that his father would
not approve of his aspirations so he had to sneak away from home. Jovad gathered what belongings and approached Tessera for help. Tessera agreed to keep this a secret
and cast invisibilty on Jovad so he could escape unseen. Tessera also informed Jovad of the next Kingdoms she would be teaching in case he ever needed her help.

On the surface of Sanphir Jovad sought out a new mentor to teach him about the ways of nature and natural magic. He had heard rumors about an old hermit who lived out in
the nearby desert called Mehran. The desert was said to be filled with all sorts of dangerous magical creatures that one would not expect to find in a desert like this.
So Jovad set out into the Restless Barrens to seek out Mehran. Along the way he ran into one the magic creatures who did not attack but rather guided him to Mehran.
Upon arrival Jovad explained his situation to Mehran gave him the trial of going out into the desert and finding an animal companion, after that he would agree to
train Jovad as a desert druid. Mehran sent him out with one of the fey who lived around the cave who Jovad learned was a brownie. Jovad set out with the brownie and
found giant scorpian that would allow Jovad to approach. Jovad joined the scorpian that day in its hunts and brought him back to Mehran and they performed a ritual to
bond the scorpian and Jovad. Jovad named the scorpian Osfrid and started studying under Mehran in the ways of the druid. Jovad learned in this time that there were a
great number of fey living in this desert who all believed that some world changing event would occur here and they were all waiting for it. These fey live in peace
with Mehran and his companions and they treat eachother with respect and equality.

After about 17 years of studying with Jovad an odd person by the name of Anab approached Mehran’s cave saying he needed some time in the wilderness to find peace within
himself. Anab lived with Jovad and Mehran for about 2 years when the three heard tale from one the fey that some major event was happening in the West and that the
undead were roaming the lands bringing destruction. Many Neutral and Good fey from the West have begun fleeing and heading East to get out the way of the undead. Hearing
this news Jovad decides he needs to set out to stop the undead from rampaging and causing any further destruction. Anab agreed to join Jovad in his journey towards the
site of the problem and the two set off to find Jovad’s old teacher Tessera.

Jovad headed to the capitol city of Edgewind as he remembered where Tessera said she would be and used an old writ he had to prove he was a Prince of Naemar to get in and
speak with her. Tessera agreed to join Jovad and Anab to try to stop the undead and they all headed West until they meet the party.

-do druid stuff
-be a druid
-undead=not nature therefore bad

Left the party to go back to Mehran to investigate some magical bark they found in the forest and his relationship with his new friend Stick

Jovad Pebblebender

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