Lana Aldheim

deceased Aasimar Oath of Vengeance Paladin of Oldir


Lana Aldheim
Age: 55
Sex: Female
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 160lbs
Build: Athletic
Skin: Tan
Posture: Straight
Hair: Shoulder length straight blonde
Eyes: Emerald Green
Nationality: Dukom
Race: Aasimar
Sexual Orientation: straight
Economic Status: Nobility


Low patience
Feels very entitled considering her status/race
Uses everything she has to advance her point of view and goals as long as it does not go against her code
She is the law!

Morals/emotional characteristics

Seek vengeance for those who have been victims of those who are evil or have broken Oldir’s laws.
Regardless of status or race those who have not yet broken any laws or have done any evil have a chance to prove themselves in the eyes of Oldir.
You are an instrument of Oldir’s definitive and implacable judgement and must hunt down the perpetrators of evil and injustice.
Lesser evils may be ignored for a time if there is some more pressing evil that needs to be defeated.
The Kings of the land have been ordained by Oldir to impart laws upon their subjects.
Those who own slaves are not ordained to impart his laws and must be dealt with accordingly.

Etiquette: Very proper
Moderate self-control
Instinctual over logical
Doesn’t like being insulted/criticized
Low stress levels
Drugs/Alcohol: Wine only
Religion: Oldir
Values societal structure and religion



Father: Alwin Aldheim
Mother: Helen Aldheim(deceased)
Sister: Elisa Aldheim
Brother: Cedric Aldheim(currently takes care of manor 58yo)
-Cedric’s wife: Lauren Aldheim
-Cedric’s son: Isaac Aldheim(next in line @35yo)
Hometown: Celeia

Biggest Role Model: Petrus Carantus, current leader of the paladins of Oldir in Sidtol


-born in northwest Dukom in a city by the shore.
-birth could be seen from far away because of a light that shone in the area.
-difficult child birth and mother passed away during it.
-birth attracted attention from nobility calling it a miracle.
-has a birthmark as her holy symbol as the symbol of Oldir.
-her father was elevated to nobility status because of her birth and the town she was born in was built up and provided with a lot more resources.
-as she grew up other children often ignored her during the little time she had with them.
-she was often confined to her father’s manor which was built around the site of her birth where people would come to worship Oldir.
-because of all this praise she became a little full of herself and saw herself as better than those around her.
-she grew up and trained with fighters, rangers, and clerics of Oldir in order to fulfill her destiny and track down evil and find redemption for those who can attain it.
-taught the laws of the land, the codes of Oldir, and seeks vengeance against those who have comitted great evil or broken laws
-sees herself as the absolute administrator of Oldir’s definitive and implacable judgement.
-when she attained the title of paladin her father ordered a special sword made for her from the Emerald Isles as they are reknowned in the area for their skill in making swords
-What they got back was a magical Nodachi(1/1)
-when she bonded with the magical Nodachi she discovered that it was intelligent, speaking in celestial as an advisor *******(DECIDE ON STATS)*************
-she was also trained as an urban ranger who specializes in tracking down evil outsiders who seek to disrupt Oldir’s laws.
-heard of problems to the south and traveled there to assist.
-met with a group of paladins who were organizing in the temple to Oldir in Sidtol and joined up with them
-the current leader of the group of paladin’s is Petrus Carantus, the most powerful paladin she has ever met.
-she was tracking that pretty brown haired lady that the party just fought and thats how they run into her.

Inscribed on sword:
There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.
non est ad astra mollis e terris via


-hunt evil, improve skills
-discover more about her sword
-learn more about the nature of celestials


Lana Aldheim

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