Rayna Tolmach

Female Barbarian From the Savage Lands of Tyrgon




Rayna was born East of the mountains in the wilderness to the Tolmach clan. Her father was a strong soldier and Rayna being his only child trained her. Her family being that her father was such a strong fighter was held in high accord within the clan.
Rayna never wanted for anything she always got meat for dinner, good armor and weapons, good training. Her father sat with the leaders of the clan and gave advice on what to do. Due to her father’s high position Rayna felt very close to her clan and became very attune with it. She would always put the clan first.
When she was 27 the clan had heard of pirates on the coast not far from where they had made camp. Rayna would go with the war party being one of the strongest in the clan. The clan would wait for the night and then attack the pirates. They made quick work of the pirates who were nowhere near as strong, or warcrazed as Rayna’s clan.
During the raid Rayna rushed into a room where she found an apparent captive. She simply blocked his attack and kicked him in the chest knocking him out. However, she picked up the weapon he had taken up and could tell he was a strong man, especially for an elf. The clan went through the pirate holdout taking what they wanted. The captives were kept captive; the females were raped by the men of the clan. Rayna did not approve of this but she saw it as the conquerors taking what they had won. The captives were taken back to the clan along with any pirates that had lived and were able to walk. Any survivors that couldn’t walk were killed. Most of the captives would be sold or sacrificed to Zylo in thanks for his protection in battle.
Rayna had claimed the strong captive. She brought him to her father and explained that he was the strongest elf she had ever seen. He also wasn’t bad to look at, she kept that thought to herself. She implored her father to train him or get him trained. He could be a valuable asset to the clan someday. She eventually learned that his name was Xavven. Her father would get him trained and after a few years she would fall in love with him and marry him. It was a proper Zyloian wedding.
The wedding, which due to the fact that a daughter of a powerful leader in the clan was grand, Even if it was to an outsider. The wedding consisted of much contest. Wrestling, drinking, any contest you can think of there was. There were sacrifices to Zylo both human and animal. The actual wedding of the two was fairly short. The most significant part was that in the clan to represent their devotion to Zylo and each other the two being wed would cross their weapons. The rest of the night consisted of drinking, eating, and debauchery or all sorts.
After spending years away from home, and especially after getting married, Xavven wanted to return home to see his parents. Even though Rayna was against this, and the decision maker out of the two, she agreed to go after talking to the clan leadership and her family. She was told to remember the clan and make the clan proud no matter how the city dwelling barbarians were. She would set out with Xavven towards his home, across the mountains.
On the way to Xavven’s parents house Rayna did not get along well with people. Most people served no real purpose to society such as merchants who fed people who could not feed themselves through hunting and gathering. When she sacrificed an animal to Zylo at a temple she was quickly turned away and forced out of the temple. She took great offense to that and went about destroying the room that she and Xavven stayed in.
Once they had left the hotel and heard of a man named Francis who was seeking adventurers. She wanted to prove her worth both to the barbarians of the west and to her clan and father. Xavven was more interested in getting gold for the trip west than the glory. So they set out to find Francis.

Tolmach Clan
The Tolmach clan was a very warlike clan. They believed in one’s ability to fight was how to best determine someones worth to the group. They were very devote followers of Zylo and believed he protected them in battle. They also felt that if they beat someone in battle that they could take what they wanted from them. They make human sacrifices to Zylo along with animals.
The Tolmach clan really dislikes mirrors, as they see it as a sign of vanity. They believe vanity is bad and believe that it takes away from the idea that one’s abilities are what makes up the persons worth. As well they do not like the goddess Lera as they see her as weak and a traitor to Zylo. Even though they do not like followers they do not necessarily attack followers of Lera.

Rayna Tolmach

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