Thom Lantherval

Qinggong Zen Archer from the plane of the purplepoots




Son of legendary bard Tamond Lantherval originating from the plane of the purplepoots. Thom is the offspring of Alatáriël Gladomain and the aforementioned Tamond Lantherval. Thom’s birth caused a major controversy in the elven Kingdom of Erendalia as Alatáriël was a niece of King Benlorellion Erendalia since a marriage between a human and a noble elf was highly taboo as elven nobility saw humans as a lesser race. Using this as an excuse a radical group of elves practicing dark magics saw this as an opportunity to capture the child and convert him to their ways, believing that Thom would possess great magical abilities as his father Tamond was a bard of high renown and a naturally capable spellcaster in his own right. This group of elves snuck into Tamond and Alatáriël’s quarters while Tamond was away, murdering Alatáriël and escaping with Thom. The next day when Tamond returned to his quarters he found his wife’s corpse lying there and presumed his son for dead. Fearing that this was a group of racist elves trying to kill him for marrying into elven nobility, Tamond fled the Kingdom and looked elsewhere to continue his career barding while trying to forget the horrors of his past.

About a year and a half later while travelling with a newly found group of companions Tamond got word back from a trusted elven ranger ally that Thom was still alive and had been kidnapped by some sort of evil spellcasters. Tamond and the ranger went off and successfully saved Thom from the clutches of the cult. From that point on Tamond went around from town to town and later from royal court to royal court performing for people, making a name for himself, and in the process acquiring a small fortune(not quite a dragon’s fortune). As Thom and Tamond traveled around the world Tamond would arrange for Thom to learn of each god of the pantheon from the monks of the largest temples devoted to them in the world. From very early on it was clear that Thom was very in-tune with his innate elven combat capabilities and also very receptive to the teachings of the monks in every city enjoying learning about the practices and lore of each god as well as their defense techniques. After receiving these lessons from the various monks Tamond would ask to learn all about what Thom had been taught while there to incorporate into his songs.

After 10 years spent travelling around Tamond grew tired of how similar everything seemed after awhile. Sure the races of the nobility and some customs changed but he was searching for something more. Tamond also found himself running out of inspiration for writing new songs and creating new dances having talked to a great many bards in his day and not learning much new from them. At this point Tamond decided to visit a sufficiently powerful wizard bringing Thom along and begun plane hopping searching for new arcane secrets and different styles of performance.

During his time hopping from plane to plane Tamond noticed one thing that mostly stayed the same: people liked gold. Other than that each plane was radically different from the next providing both Tamond and Thom with greater knowledge and understanding of different magics, gods and their practices, styles of fighting and performance.

After six and a half years of plane hopping the father and son came across a plane that reminded them a lot of home(Gemini) and have decided that it would be a good idea to have an extended stay here. The day they arrived here also happened to be Thom’s 18th birthday(at least they think it is, travelling between planes may have altered their perception of time slightly) so it was decided Thom and his father would split ways for awhile so Thom could go out adventuring and gaining new experiences on his own. Tamond set him up with a wizard named Francis Caine who is looking for adventurers to perform some task for him and Thom agreed to the arrangement.

Thom Lantherval

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