Xavven Silverkin




Born the third son of the baker Yenven and retired elven ranger Krisatra. Growing up with tales of his mother’s exploits before marriage, Xavven was never content with life in his sleepy little village of Glendenn.

At the age of 15, Traamros, Xavven’s friend from birth convinced him to travel to the coast and join a crew for excitement and adventure at sea.

The reality was less than expected, but Xavven still found it more to his liking than Glendenn and he spent a few decades at sea in the east.

Eventually Traamros, being far more responsible with his money than the vice loving Xavven, managed to save enough money to buy his own ship and he hired Xavven as his first mate.

After a few years their ship was captured by pirates and the crew taken captive. Traamros died from an infected arrow wound. Greatly grieved and seeking revenge against the pirates, Xavven managed to sneak away one of the pirate’s weapons and prepared himself to strike down the next pirate who entered their prison.

Whilst this had been happening, a tribe had discovered the location of the pirate hold out and raided them.

The one through the door happened to be an attractive woman who easily incapacitated Xavven and informed the crew their captors had changed.

The woman, Rayna, kept Xavven close seeing potential in him and getting him some combat training.

In the coming 2 years Rayna and Xavven became closer, eventually falling in love and getting married.

After the marriage Xavven convinces Rayna that they should travel back to his home town and meet his family.

Xavven is far too free with his money, spending more than he can afford and not thinking to the future. Growing up in a small town and then living most of his life aboard ships, Xavven prefers the company of smaller groups of people and gets very anxious in cities. Although Xavven claims to want a life of excitement, what he really values is an easy pay cheque and a good tale to tell later.

Xavven’s Family:
Father: Yenven Silverkin
Mother: Krisatra Moonshadow
Eldest Brother: Senven Silverkin
Older Brother: Travven Silverkin
Younger Sister: Yenatra Moonshadow

Xavven Silverkin

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