-Left on Sandevv’s doorstep one night(at that point he was well liked and known in the community(similar to Francis))

-Sandevv raised her to live a completely normal life and not in the ways of the arcane in fear of a repeat of what happened with his last two pupils

-Raised in capital city of Asephir: Alle Belanore

-In her teenage years a strange man in black robes came to talk to Sandevv and she was told to leave the room

-After what sounded like a heated argument the man in the black robes shot a fireball directly at Sandevv as he walked out the door

-Being on the outside of the fireball’s blast radius she barely lived but was left with a horrible scar on the left side of her face and the image of Sandevv disappearing into a fireball

-The man in the black robes simply stared at her while walking away and flew off

-Because of this Glanthel decided to train and put her faith in Nabilia to seek out this man and eventually get her revenge and Venia to forget her past

-She joined up with the local temple to Venia and undertook training to become an inquisitor

-After training and some time passing the elves receive word that there is word of a living god and some cult rising in the South

-Kingdom of Asephir decides they need to send inquisitors to investigate this cult

-Glanthel travels South as one of the inquisitors and ends up infiltrating the organization


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