Ivan Dunham

Magus from the city of Thark.


Ivan was born to Jeff and Scarlet Dunham. He has been raised from an extremely young age to be a Magus. He attended the Mage’s College starting at the age of 14, performing exceptionally well in his studies. At the age of 18 he was given his current sword as a gift from his father, and urged to answer the calling of Francis. Aside from his training as a Magus, Ivan lacks any unique story, with a majority of what he is being defined by his family and lineage rather than his own qualities.

The city of Thark was founded three centuries ago as a trading hub by Edmur Ashworth and Vladimir Dunham. Through the continued support of the Ashworth and Dunham families the city has grown to both dominate trade in the region as well as house (and create) some of the best mages in all of Illian, although as a result both families exert complete influence over the city, occasionally competing for power. The city is home to the Magus Tower, an enormous structure located at the center of the city. The tower is connected to a dome like fort at its base, with four similarly shaped but smaller towers at either “corner” of the dome. The tower serves as the city’s town hall, housing the Council of Mages who rule over the city with the Grand Magus as their head. It also serves as home to the Mage’s College, an institute of learning for casters of all sorts to improve their craft.

Council of Mages:
Richard Ashworth (Grand Magus)
Jeff Dunham
Belia Pethey
Daniel Dene
Hilda Cere

Ivan Dunham

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