Veline Thurston


Veline Thurston
Super Bard Extraordinaire – Except for the badly rolled stats (But not hotness).
Veline Thurston was born in the Grand City of Tear into a wealthy mercantile and political family. Her father was an important politician and held a seat on the ruling council. The family home was a mansion of exquisite design. Veline was fortunate enough to have a privileged childhood. She had no trouble making friends or any terrible childhood memories; instead they were delightful and nostalgic.
Philip Thurston, Veline’s father, had always wished the best for his children. So when she reached the age of nine she was sent to Magister Ormus for formal training in the arts of Wizardry. Ormus taught her the basics of magic, such as the cantrips and formal spell casting techniques. As strict as Ormus was with his teachings (and Veline was expected to read many books), Ormus was a kind individual who only wanted to see the best for his students. Ormus had also taught Philip’s other children.
However, the arcane arts were not Veline’s calling. She never progressed past the basics. Instead, she loved singing, dancing and entertaining. She was moved by the singers and storytellers of Tear and fascinated by the beauty and majesty of their performances. Veline would usually participate in songs, acts, plays and performances at Orchestras, Taverns, and all manner of other stages. Her voice was her gift to the world, it was special. And she loved to share it.
Hearing the storties of great heroes overcoming near-impossible odds and protecting the world from the evil that lurked in the shadow inspired her. She hoped that one day she would be a part of something like that – and become a hero worthy of praise and glory. Her older brother and sister would sometimes bully her for her ‘delusional fantasies.’ And her mother and father would also dismiss the notion as it was not ‘lady like.’ But this didn’t deter Veline from pursuing her passion.
Magister Ormus realized where Veline’s priorities were. He could see that Veline’s talent was in her performances, and instead of teaching her traditional wizardry, he taught her how to use her abilities as a performer to weave magic in a similar way that other spell casters would. Incantations of spells would be made into performances and specific hand signals would be weaved into a dance. In addition to this training, he consulted with a prominent bard who also aided her in perfecting her techniques.
Veline was bethrothed at a young age to a man named Gabriel Verne. Having never met this individual she was not keen on this. Her father insisted that they were a good match and that a young lady must obey the commands of her father. Gabriel Verne was part of another political family in Tear but Veline did not know much about him than that.
Hoping for one day to have a means of departure (and escape her bethrothal), she was one day presented with an opportunity. She was approached by a man by the name of William. He represented Francis Caine, a Wizard in the town of Drexyl. He had heard that Veline was an excellent performer and had heard that she could also weave magic into her performances. He offered her an opportunity to join him as he was looking for adventurers to aid his master in clearing out the dangers that surrounded the area of Drexyl. She pondered the opportunity and accepted it, with an excited attitude.

Father-Philip Thurston
Veline’s Father. An important political figure in Tear and a member of the ruling council. He often states that he wishes the best for his children.
Mother-Mary Thurston
Veline’s Mother.
Brother-Titus Thurston
Veline’s brother, essentially the epitomy of the ideal child. Titus followed all the teachings of his peers. He is a skilled warrior, a charismatic young man, and clever individual. He excelled in the arts of Wizardry under the teachings of Magister Ormus.
Sister-Sarah Thurston
Veline’s sister, similarly to her brother she also excelled in the arts of Wizardry.
Her Wizard instructor- Magister Ormus
Magister Ormus, A fairly old Human Wizard living in the City of Tear. He is an important individual in the matters of magic and the ruling Council would often defer to him for information and advisory about certain matters of magic that that City had issue with. He is one of the oldest Wizards in the city, but certainly not the only one.
Gabriel Verne (bethrothed to Veline)
The man to which Veline was bethrothed to. She never met him but never liked the idea of marrying somebody who you don’t even know.
William (apprentice of the Wizard Francis Caine)
William, who was on the search for suitable adventurers for his master came to Tear. He met up with Magister Ormus who, after hearing that Francis Caine was looking for suitable people for his party, suggested Veline as she had been eager to do something along the lines that William described. And having known Francis Caine, Ormus was assured that she would be in capable hands.
 Make a name for herself as a hero worthy of song

The Grand City of Tear
Tear is probably the most prosperous city out of all the independent states. They are one of the only city-states to have a standing army, but also have many mercenary company’s at their disposal.
Being at the center of the continent they are an important place for trade between the different kingdoms. This fortunate location has been one of the reasons why the city is so prosperous.

Veline Thurston

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